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Proud to remind @tenoversix of their favorite sci-fi classics along with #fortstandard #anndraneen and #openingceremony in this round up. That’s exactly what we’re going for! #livelongandprosper y’all

Unknown Architecture

Lygia Pape, Livro da arquitectura (Book of Architecture) 1959-60

Johnny Abrahams
klein bottle from the Science Museum of the UK
alan bennett
a Klein bottle is like a Moebius strip extruded into one more dimension. you are looking at three Klein bottles, one inside another.
pierre forsell again— can’t get enough!!!
more pierre forsell
this guy is a genius— his name is pierre forsell.
thanks for the new discovery, 1st dibs!

Ettore Sottsass

This lady never ceases to amaze me.
a rendering of what Louis Kahn’s unbuilt Hurva Synagogue might have looked like [rendering by kent larson
one more from Sophie Taeuber Arp, Wache (Guards) ,  1918
more inspirations from recent travels
dada head by Sophie Taeuber-Arp
lee ufan- amazing prints